Big Star, Bright Futures. My son has Asperger’s, which means despite the amazing things he can do, relating to other kids his age in social situations can be awkward for him as can trying to find a way to express himself creatively…except for this little game he played on Expert since he was 2 called Rock Band.   If you have ever played an instrument, you understand that giving the gift of music to your children means so much more than a catchy cliché.  Music is a language of its own that allows you to communicate in ways that words cannot.  The money that we would otherwise be spending on action figures and weekend camps is being put towards teaching him this language and giving him a gift that he can pass on to others and his children.  Yes, I also want him to become a rock star.  Big Star Studios, with its cool environment, warm atmosphere, and expert instructors, has given him confidence in his abilities, and inspired him to talk with others about his passions (not to mention convince mom and dad to equip his room with a 5-piece acoustic drum set).  Thanks to music, my son is now on a path that is as amazing to behold as it was hard to imagine he’d ever take.  Give your kid their recommended daily dose of creativity.  Give them the gift of Big Star.

– Clint Woon

Thursday afternoons are the highlight of our week, every week.  That's because Ryan, 12, and Ethan, 9, get to go to Rock Band rehearsal at Big Star Studios.  They both play guitar and Ethan was recruited as the bass player recently. Of course they're learning music, but it has been much more than that.  Ryan likes the group dynamic and has learned first hand what it means to be a part of a real band: leading, following, paying attention, compromising and depending on each other to practice and get the work done so that when it all comes together, it sounds great.  Ethan has found great role models in the older kids and it has really helped his confidence to perform in front of an audience. We notice that confidence translating into eagerness in school and sports, too.  Big Star instructors really care about the kids having a positive experience and for our boys, we hope that translates into a lifelong love of music.

– Kim Horn

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what an amazing experience we have had a Big Star.  Our son Zach has absolutely blossomed being a part of your Musical Theater Class.  Before taking classes at Big Star, Zach was very shy and lacked self confidence. We find it absolutely amazing what Kathy has been able to get Zach to do on stage.  Sing, dance and monologues, he is in his element on stage.  Sports were never Zach's 'thing', but with Big Star, he finally feels like he is a part of something special.  He would be there every day if he could!

– Shelly Weber

​Just a quick note to thank you and Kathy and all of the people at Big Star Studios.  Ally is getting more out of this than we ever thought possible.  She looks forward to performing in front of large groups.  Her work in the Annie performance was amazing for a then 6-year-old.  We love everything she's done since as well and look forward to her and Ryan (who is loving his start at Big Star) performing in Willy Wonka in March

– Robert Holmgren