Private Lessons


At Big Star Studios you can learn from the very best! We have a private teaching staff that is second to none. Our staff are dedicated and caring instructors who take a sincere and vested interest in all their students and their music development. They are hand picked by the owners of Big Star and are hired based not only on their credentials, but for their ability to work with young students just beginning their musical journey all the way up to adults and seniors wanting to brush up on an old skill or try something brand new to them. Our instructors spend time assessing the needs of each individual and provide a plan to help each student achieve his or her musical goals. All of our teachers are passionate about music, energetic and make learning fun!

Big Star currently has a wide range of students studying a range of instruments and learning various genres of music including Classical, Rock, Jazz and Pop.  Our teachers can help students prepare for competitions, college auditions, talent shows and, of course, our end of session performances at Infusion Bar & Grill!

Unique to Big Star Studios is the ability to build confidence and gain valuable life experience through the art of performance. To keep all our students motivated we offer a performance opportunity every session live on stage at Finaghty’s Irish Pub and Restaurant. This is a low pressure and fun environment for students to show off all the progress they have made in their private lessons.


Hours Per Week Monthly Cost
0.5 $130
0.75 $190
1 $250
1.25 $310
1.5 $370
1.75 $430
2 $490


Private lessons are billed as a flat rate for the month. We do this to save on
administration costs. Most months you will receive 4 lessons, and occasionally you will receive 3 lessons due to a holiday. There will be a few times per year that you will get a 5th lesson. It averages out over the course of the year that you will get an extra lesson or 2 per year for n/c.

Flat Monthly Pricing:
Weekly 30 min $130
Weekly 45 min $190
Weekly 60 min $250
Weekly 75 min $310
Weekly 90 min $370
Weekly 105 min $430
Weekly 120 min $490

There is no “Unlimited” pricing for private lessons.

Private lessons continue even when schools are on break, unless the teacher has told you they will not run. If you will be out of town, please let me know so we can schedule make-up lessons.

If you need to cancel, please provide 24 hour notice, and we can schedule a make-up lesson at some point in the same month. There are no credits or refunds for missed lessons. If class is cancelled with 24 hour notice, a make-up lesson will be scheduled. If your student is a “no-show” or provides less than 24 hour notice, you will be billed for the lesson because this does not give us enough time to schedule another student into that time slot. All of our teachers are busy working artists, who count on this consistent income. We honor our wonderful teachers, and we pay them if you are a “no-show”, therefore you will be billed.

If at any time, you would like to reschedule, or stop the lessons, please let us know in writing and we can take care of it!

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