Our Story

Big Star Studios owners, Kathy and Corey met when their girls ended up in the same Kindergarten class back in 2006. They quickly established a strong bond and friendship which later lead them into working for the same non profit organization where their girls performed in theater and dance. When that non profit went out of business they discovered a need for performing arts in the ever growing Snoqualmie area. On a wing and a prayer and a little bit of crazy, together they decided to take a leap of faith and open Big Star Studios.

Big Star was born out of a shared passion for watching their children perform combined with a strong bond of friendship. Kathy and Corey’s joy and enthusiasm for watching these children develop a love of the arts lead them to believe they could make a long time dream of owning their own business come true. They are each strongly dedicated to ensuring the experience at Big Star is one of love, warmth and friendship followed by an amazing and inspirational experience in theater and music.

Big Star Studios opened its doors for business in 2011. Owners , Kathy Gehrig and Corey Mosley had a vision for a performing arts school that not only provided its students with quality theater and music instruction, but also a place that gave students a place to show off the skills they had gained and build confidence through the art of performing.

Five years later, with a growing student base and staff, Big Star Studios is holding true to that original vision. Students who walk through our doors are given so much more than just music and theater training. Students are given confidence, team-building skills, lasting friendships, positive role models, and memorable experiences. Our approach to teaching is about nurturing the individual qualities each student has to offer. One student may have just picked up the guitar for the first time or another may be a seasoned theater student. Big Star remains a place that has something to offer everyone! Our staff is made up of experienced, positive adults, dedicated to making your child’s music and theater experience unique and fun.

We encourage you to stop by and observe a class anytime. We are confident that you will be impressed with what you see.